NAS Auto-Login: How to permanently save the login details for network attached drives NAS

Beyond the Xbox app, Windows 10’s 3D video engine isDirectX 12 download here, which, according to some game developers, could open up a whole new level of realism to games. And Windows 10 lets you turn off VSync and instead enable AMD’s Freesync and Nvidia’s G-Sync in Universal Windows Platform games and apps. The same update also unlocked frame rates for UWP games. You can read more about whatFreesync, G-Sync and unlocked frame ratesmean for Windows 10 on our sister site, Extreme Tech. The Xbox and Windows 10 Stores have been unified, and the Play Anywhere initiative means you can buy games for one platform and play them either on the console or the PC.

  • The shampoo uninstaller is a complete peace of junk I used it to uninstall and what I uninstalled is still on my C drive.
  • Users get an unusual error when sharing a network drive or folder on their Windows 11 computer.
  • Calendar does a presentable job of handling multiple calendars, appointments, and views.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans is by the folks at EaseUS who make incredible tools that let you manage your backups and recover your dead hard disks. While it is not an official tool, EaseUS has a reputation for being very good with their software and code. EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free is a useful and and reliable software solution created to serve in computer migration operations, be it from one machine to another or from an earlier version of your OS to a newer one.

Why Can’t I Delete Mcafee From My Computer?

Here’s how to set up and use an external hard drive as a network drive in both Windows and macOS. If you configure a shared folder on a computer that uses a Microsoft account, you likely won’t be able to authenticate to access the files in the network. However, you can get around this problem in two ways. You can switch from a Microsoft account to a local account and switch back to a Microsoft account.

Next, scroll down the “Uninstall or change a program” section to locate the software you want to uninstall. You can proceed further to try more convenient methods to uninstall a program from Windows 10 PC completely. In this article, we are discussing the seven proper ways to get rid of useless, old and unwanted software that you no longer use on your PC or laptop. Keep reading to learn the step-by-step instructions for each method. You can run a System Restore to revert your Windows 10 computer to a previous point before you install the program. But before you perform the system restore, you should back up all important data in your computer beforehand.

Manually Connecting to your Home Directory (U: Drive) – Windows 10 UI Method

I have just upgraded from Win7 Pro to Win10 Pro and have a problem with a shared network drive. Under Win7 and 8.1 I had no difficulty mapping this drive which is attached directly to my access point. At every pc i have create some shared folders and i have choose the switch “everyone” so i can go into these folders without any password at all. In the Folder box, enter the address of the folder to which you want to map the drive.

The smaller changes to Windows 11 are really the only draw right now. The new aesthetic, the reworked Start menu, tweaks to various settings menus and longstanding programs like Paint. For example, the emoji menu (Windows key + .) now includes Tenor for inserting gifs and also bundles in your clipboard history (Windows key + V) for pasting. It’s a smart, convenient pairing, but unless you have a crippling gif addiction, I wouldn’t call it a must-have. It’s be easier to group different sets of windows and apps together and move between a desktop and a monitor thanks to Snap Layouts and Snap Groups.

One potential downside to using McAfee is that it can sometimes cause computers to run slower or become more difficult to use. This is especially true on older machines, which may not be able to handle the added load of the antivirus software. Now, when you log back into Windows, it should no longer recognize McAfee as being installed. If you want to get rid of McAfee pop up on Windows 10, you can simply uninstall McAfee from your computer.

Now your network drives and folders should be ready for use as soon as you start your computer and log on. Faculty and Staff have access to network drives they can access from any computer. You might have heard Windows users refer to these as the “U” and “T” drives. These instructions are for connecting to network drives using Windows 10. You can configure the share to allow a certain number of users simultaneously.

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